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Forgiveness is…

In Matthew 18 Jesus continues teaching about what it means to be a child of the kingdom.  In the passage beginning in verse 15, he gives the order of events required for a resolution for sins committed against another.  A brief look would reveal a private meeting, just between the two parties affected.  If a resolution is not reached, then the case is heard in the presence of two or three witnesses.  If this fails to bring resolution, then let the church hear to dispute.  If a resolution is not reached, then the offending party is expelled.  Seems rather harsh.  Peter asks Jesus, I’m sure with the preceeding story in mind, just how many times we need to forgive one who offends us.  The crux of Jesus answer is, that as often as forgiveness is needed, it should be granted.  How is this accomplished?

Apply these principles: Release, grace, a new perspective and finally realizing that forgiveness is both a decision (right now) and a process (time heals).  Think about it….