A reflection from the Lord’s Day Worship:

So, we are religious! To a degree that is true. We can be religious about many things from television viewing to playing ball to even our own families. Religion is not a bad thing, just that we can’t base our eternal destiny on it.

Jesus made that very clear when he reproved the three cities of the Othodox triangle, Korazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum. All three cities were filled with devout, religious Jews who loved Synogogue and the Torah. Only thing missing was Jesus himself. They saw all that he did, they just didn’t see Him.

Jesus is the only way to God. So, how’s your relationship with Jesus? Just being religious won’t get the job done.  Holding to a tradition or miracles of the past won’t be sufficient to be a Kingdom person. You need an up to date relationship with Jesus. He must be first in your life. He must be your personal Savior and Lord of your life. Accept Him today!

Read Matthew 11:20-30


Pastor Don


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