I was reminded today that I can do nothing apart from God. I’ve preached that, and believed that for a long time. The stresses of everyday living have a way of clouding even the most obvious truth. Truths that have been a part of our core belief system.

The Psalmist addressed the stresses of everyday living in Psalm 46. From that great Psalm we learn some truths that can be applied to our everyday living.

1. God is always near and available to us. We will never be put on hold when we call on Him. God is always available and anxious to hear us whenever we want to speak to Him. Some of our problems may be superficial while others are deep and complex. The good news is God can help us. So talk to Him!

2. God’s power is greater than anything in all the world. Greater than wind or storms or everyday stresses. There is no greater power. God’s power is sufficient to win the victory over all theĀ enemies that come our way. So don’t be afraid to ask for His help.

3. God’s help works even when we can’t help ourselves. Have you felt weak lately? Have you felt stressed lately? God’s help is available. All you need to do is reach out for it and grab hold!

This help is available to His children. Do you know Jesus? If you don’t have an up to date relationship with Him, seek Him and find Him today.

Read Psalm 46

Pastor Don

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